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Progress in Computational Physics (PiCP)

Matthias Ehrhardt (ed.)

E-Book Series, Bentham Science Publishers

Scheduled Volumes
  1. Wave Propagation in Periodic Media - Analysis, Numerical Techniques and practical Applications, June 2010
  2. Coupled Fluid Flow in Energy, Biology and Environmental Research, May 2012
  3. Novel Trends in Lattice Boltzmann Methods - Reactive Flow, Physicochemical Transport and Fluid-Structure Interaction, Spring 2013

Abstract to this E-Book Series:
This new e-book series is devoted to very recent research trends in computational physics publishing chapters from outstanding experts of high scientific level in modeling of physical problems. Hereby, it focus on the computational perspectives of current physical challenges, publishing new numerical techniques for the solution of mathematical equations including chapters describing certain real-world applications concisely. Moreover, the e-book series emphasize especially approaches that are interdisciplinary (cf. Volume 2)

Nowadays, with the help of powerful computers and sophisticated methods of numerical mathematics it is possible to simulate many ultramodern devices, e.g. photonic crystals structures, semiconductor nanostructures or fuel cell stacks devices, thus preventing expensive and longstanding design and optimization in the laboratories.

In this book series the research manuscripts will appear very compactly as single chapters and focussed on one hot topic per volume.

The likely audience of this book series are (electro) engineers (volume 1), physicists, meteorologists (volume 2), etc. and applied mathematicians (both academic and from companies) and especially car companies/ fuel cell producers (volume 2)

The book is designed to be consisting of a collection of contributed chapters. Outstanding experts working successfully in this challenging research area will be invited to contribute each a chapter of roughly 30-40 pages to this volume.

Academic Level:
The principal audience is Ph.D. students and lecturer of computational physics and numerical mathematics.

Author Guidelines:
Author Guidelines for Bentham E-Books are available here. While Bentham prefers submission in WORD format, also LaTeX chapters are acceptable. TeX/LaTeX authors may submit the original/source file(s) of their manuscript along with a camera-ready PDF file in a presentable form. For this purpose a LaTeX template file exists. Both 'latex' and 'pdflatex' can be used to generate the submission (we recommend the later possibility).

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