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Bilateral German-Russian Project

DTBC-PAHEWA: Discrete transparent boundary conditions for the parabolic approximations to the Helmholtz equation in underwater acoustic

Programme Forschungsaufenthalte für Hochschullehrer und Wissenschaftler financed by DAAD

(10/2014 - 11/2014)


The goal of the proposed research project is the development of the fully-discrete transparent boundary conditions for the hierarchies of parabolic equations where the input term (i.e. right-hand side) of the n-th equation is obtained from the solution of n-1-th equation.

This research study will be a natural combination of the ideas emerging from the recent papers of the Vladivostok research group and the method introduced by the dissertation of Ehrhardt and significantly improved in his follow-up works. This combination of ideas can be successfully developed from the close collaboration in the framework of the proposed project.

Scientific Objectives

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Russian team:

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Publications related to the Project

[PeEh15a] P. Petrov, M. Ehrhardt,
On Mayfield's stability proof for the discretized transparent boundary condition for the parabolic equation, accepted: Applied Mathematics Letters, 2015
[PeEh15b] P. Petrov, M. Ehrhardt,
Transparent boundary conditions for the hierarchies of high-order parabolic approximations , Preprint 15/??, 2015. submitted to Wave Motion

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