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Bilateral German-Spanish Project

HiPeCa: High Performance Calibration and Computation in Finance

Programme Acciones Conjuntas Hispano-Alemanas financed by DAAD and the Fundación

(01/2014 - 12/2015)


In recent years the computational complexity of mathematical models employed in financial mathematics has witnessed a tremendous growth. Advanced numerical techniques are imperative for the most present-day applications in financial industry, especially as a consequence of the recent financial crisis.

The motivation for this bilateral exchange project is the need to promote networks of highly educated scientists in the field of financial mathematics and scientific computing, so as to exchange and discuss current insights and ideas, and to lay groundwork for future collaborations. Hereby, the main training objective is to prepare young researchers from Germany and Spain with a broad scope of high level scientific knowledge in computational finance and practical programming skills in modern computer languages like CUDA for GPU computing.

One of our principal goals is also aimed at providing training in advanced techniques in scientific computing with application to complex financial models. This training will cover the use of the hardware and software tools related to the very recent many-core GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) based cluster technologies. These new tools reveal extremely efficient for Monte Carlo simulations, finite differences and calibration methods, so that the financial industry highly demands professionals and training courses on these topics to drastically reduce the time of the computer intensive calculus related to price and hedge large portfolios.

Scientific Objectives

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Spanish team:

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Publications related to the Project

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