Interdisciplinary Bilateral German-Norwegian Project

TBC-MET: Transparent Boundary Conditions for the Equations in Meteorology

financed by the DAAD and The Research Council of Norway (01/2006-12/2007)


All Limited Area Models (LAMs) in meteorology need accurate and efficient transparent boundary conditions (TBCs), in particular at the lateral boundaries. Here 'transparent' means that all waves approaching these boundaries from the interior of the limited area should leave the domain without any reflections.

Almost every current weather models of LAM type has uses a boundary relaxation technique at the lateral boundaries because such models are nested into global models or other LAMs. The relaxation technique is not a boundary condition per se, and has also proven to be inaccurate in several cases. Accurate TBCs are in high demand in weather models since the model resolutions become higher and the model domains become smaller.

The main goal of the present interdisciplinary project is to derive and analyze (discrete) TBCs for equation systems used in meteorology. Starting from a collaborative supervision project of an ongoing diploma thesis at the TU Berlin we will establishing a research network in a subdiscipline of numerical weather prediction (NWP).

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Publications of the Project

[Ehr10] M. Ehrhardt,
Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Hyperbolic Systems, Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications Vol. 3, Number 3, (2010), 295-337.
[Hok06] K. Hoke,
Diskrete transparente Randbedingungen für hyperbolische Systeme (Discrete transparent Boundary Conditions for hyperbolic Systems, Diploma thesis (in german), September 2006
work presented at the student conference Dies Mathematicus, TU Berlin, October 27, 2006.

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