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Angewandte Mathematik - Numerische Analysis (AMNA)


Prof. Dr. Matthias Ehrhardt
Prof. Dr. Michael Günther

Vorlesung im Wintersemester 2013/14:

Modelling and Numerical Simulation in Atmospheric Physics
Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis and Algorithms

(This course will be given in English)


Preliminary Discussion:
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 16:45,  Room G.14.34 


In this lecture we will follow closely the book of Lauritzen at al. and discuss recent developments in numerical techniques for global atmospheric models, i.e. we will review the typical steps to set up a global atmospheric model. Hereby we will discuss concisely the following items:

    Part I Equations of Motion and Basic Ideas on Discretizations
  1. The Design of Atmospheric Model Dynamical Cores
  2. Waves, Hyperbolicity and Characteristics
  3. Horizontal Discretizations
  4. Vertical Discretizations
  5. Time Discretization
  6. Stabilizing Fast Waves

  7. Part II Conservation Laws, Finite-Volume Methods, Remapping Techniques and Spherical Grids
  8. Momentum, Vorticity and Transport: Considerations in the Design of a Finite-Volume Dynamical Core
  9. Atmospheric Transport Schemes: Desirable Properties and a Semi-Lagrangian View on Finite-Volume Discretizations
  10. Emerging Numerical Methods for Atmospheric Modeling
  11. Voronoi Tessellations and Their Application to Climate and Global Modeling

  12. Part III Practical Considerations for Dynamical Cores in Weather and Climate Models
  13. Conservation in Dynamical Cores
  14. Conservation of Mass and Energy for the Moist Atmospheric Primitive Equations on Unstructured Grids
  15. Diffusion, Filters and Fixers in Atmospheric General Circulation Models
  16. Kinetic Energy Spectra and Model Filters
  17. The Dynamical Core in the Development of Weather and Climate Models
  18. Refactoring Scientific Applications for Massive Parallelism

Students from "Computer Simulation in Science", master students of applied and numerical mathematics but also students from atmospheric modeling.


Analysis I-II, Lineare Algebra I-II, Numerik gewöhnlicher und partieller Differentialgleichungen

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