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Bilateral German-Slovakian Project

NL-BS: Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Black-Scholes Equations

financed by DAAD and the Slovakian Ministry of Education

(01/2013 - 12/2014)


The famous Black-Scholes (BS) equation is an effective and rather simple model for option pricing. While the financial crises of 2008 and 2010 are both clearly outside of the domain of validity of BS theory, it has been rightly pointed out that the market is not Gaussian and it is not frictionless and complete as it had been postulated in the pioneering linear BS model. Contrary, generalized nonlinear option pricing models are capable of capturing several important phenomena like transaction costs, investor's risk from unprotected portfolio, investor's expected utility maximization, illiquid markets, large traders feedback influence, etc.

In this respect, an important part is the development of high-order compact finite difference methods (FDMs) and transformation techniques for numerically solving nonlinear BS equations. We will propose, design and analyze new efficient and robust numerical methods for solving highly nonlinear option pricing problems. Also, we want to study the convergence models of interest rates to investigate the possibility of an analytical approximation of bond prices and the order of accuracy. As an application, we compute Slovak interest rates before the Slovak Republic adopted the Euro currency. Finally, we will use the advantage of having contacts to all 4 major german electricity suppliers; we will design new numerical methods for pricing swing-options which are typical options in the electricity market.

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