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A Neural Network Approach for forecoasting Price Load Curves in Electricity Markets

Masterarbeit Wirtschaftsmathematik



This thesis concentrates on the spot market for electrical power. This is a physical market where the supply of electrical power is traded. The prices used in this thesis have been obtained from the European Power Exchange (EPEX) SPOT and older prices from the European Energy Exchange (EEX) respectively. The EPEX SPOT created in 2008 from the EEX (Leipzig) and Powernext (Paris) covers the German, French, Austrian and Swiss market. At the EPEX SPOT it is possible to trade day-ahead or intra day. In this thesis we concentrate on the prices for day-ahead auctions in Germany. At day-ahead auctions the power for each single hour and for blocks of hours can be bought. The supply and demand for this determines the prices for the next day.



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